Conservation of Protected Natural Areas

SAV undertakes the work necessary for the protection of the natural environment, aimed at the conservation and recovery of areas with high ecological and scenic value, as well as to reconcile this purpose with its rational use by citizens.

Highlighted activities we offer include:

  • Control and elimination of alien vegetation (removal of exotic plant species).
  • Service of decreased fire risk which includes pruning, weeding and removal of clippings/cuttings
  • Recovery and conservation of native species, through the management of nurseries to produce indigenous plants aimed at reforestation and plantations.
  • Maintenance Service and Adaption for the Public Use of the Natural Environment, which includes the care and repair of signs, signals, walkways, fences and pergolas.
  • Care of natural habitats, to facilitate the reproduction of birdlife.
  • Monitoring of fauna and realization of censuses
  • Control of temperature and meteorological precipitation variables.
  • Monitoring of wildlife mortality incidents.
Conservación de espacios naturales protegidos

Since its establishment in 1993, the Racó de L’Olla Nature Reserve in La Devesa Albufera has registered some 96,153 from 28 different species of waterfowl, with a total of more than 5,000 pairs annually since 2002 and a successful reproduction rate. The reserve is used as a feeding and resting ground by migratory and over-wintering birds.

Hembra de Porrón Pardo

SAV´s work in this field enables the public to feel at one with nature, allowing the observation of wild birds at close range, including colonies of terns in summer and flocks of hundreds of common teal in winter, as well as endangered species, such as teal and tufted ducks.

Conservación de espacios naturales protegidos

Monitoring fauna and the carrying out of censuses of breeding and wintering birds, gives up-to-date information on the status of the local bird population, e.g., population size, success of breeding, readings of marked birds and observation of new species.

The introduction of exotic plants is one of the main causes of biodiversity loss. The removal of these plants is performed by tracking a strict Environmental Surveillance Plan, to avoid spreading. This photograph shows the removal of an example of Mioporo (genus Myoporum), an evergreen shrub widely used in gardening to make hedges which belongs to the exotic vegetation of La Devesa-Albufera.

Conservación de espacios naturales protegidos

The monitoring of fauna mortality incidents in the Albufera Nature Reserve gives us first-hand knowledge of the environmental conditions and early detection of possible alerts e.g., spills or epidemics.

Conservación de espacios naturales protegidos

The “Life Dune Project” initiated by SAV consists of the restoration of dune morphology and the temporary Mediterranean lagoons of La Devesa de l’Albufera. The lagoons flood with winter rains and dry off in summer, which represents a major focus of biodiversity.