Integrated Water Cycle

SAV started its activities in the field of purification and treatment of water at the end of 1995 following the award of the operation and maintenance of the sanitation and purification systems of Sagunto and Canet de Berenguer.

Currently SAV is responsible for more than two hundred wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) spread over 13 autonomous communities.

The population served equates to over 8,000,000 inhabitants and the volume of water treated reaches 644,654,240 m3/year. In addition, using the facilities for the production of electrical energy through cogeneration with biogas in the plants with anaerobic digestion this prevents the emission of 39,641 metric tons of CO2 per year.

Política EDARS
Política EDARS SAV

In addition to the sewage treatment plants, in the area of water treatment SAV also undertakes the management of water purification stations, reverse osmosis desalination and treatment by thermal sewage sludge drying.

Depuradoras gestionadas por SAV