Maintenance and integral cleaning of buildings and facilities

We believe that the cleanliness and treatment of surfaces, together with maintenance, is an indispensable condition to ensure the operation and maintenance of facilities and buildings.

A professional team composed of technical personnel and specialist workers offers solutions to cleaning needs, industrial maintenance and/or gardening in any type of installation or building.

Years of experience and various achievements behind us support us, as illustrated in the work provided in MercaValencia; Motorway AP7; Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias; municipal buildings of Tavernes Blanques; schools in Alaquàs; Umbacle; Auditorio TAMA de Aldaia etc…

We have established a protocol for cleaning that all our employees strictly comply with as well as a system of quality assurance of the services provided, by means of performance indicators.

In the field of industrial maintenance, SAV performs the activities of preventive and corrective maintenance in agreement with both basic and functional needs in order to ensure maximum availability and fulfillment of the required regulatory demands.

We conduct studies of clients’ needs and programme services in order to meet each organization’s cleaning and maintenance requirements.