Ethics and Transparency


SAV has established equal opportunities for women and men as a strategic principle of its corporate and Human Resources policy.

SAV has established and developed policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities, without discriminating directly or indirectly due to gender, as well as boosting and promoting measures to achieve real equality within our company.

In each scope where the activity of this company takes place, from the selection to the promotion, going through the salary policy, the training, the conditions of work and employment, the occupational health, the conciliation, and the prevention and actions against
sexual harassment, we assume the principle of equal opportunities between women and men. Due to this commitment, SAV made its first Equality Plan in November 2009. This Equality Plan was signed by the company management and the most representative labor unions as UGT,
CC.OO and S.I. for a validity of four years. In November 2014, a second Equality Plan entered in force and still in force at present, once again signed by the labor unions and with a bigger implementation. Both plans contemplate the existence of an Equality Committee with equal representation of the company and the labor unions.

In June 2010 SAV obtained the certificate of the Equality Plan regulated by the decree 133/2007, on conditions and requirements for Equality Plans of companies in the Valencian Community. This validation has been renewed annually by the government of the Valencian Community to date.

In 2009, the company’s management acquired and made public the commitment to promote a non-sexist use of the language, having signed a mandatory protocol that must be complied within the company’s communications. This mandatory protocol is also applied to the corporate agreements, including the national agreement for street cleaning, collection, treatment and disposal of waste.
Training in equality is a requirement in SAV, and it is performed when the workers are hired and in the annual training plans of the company, where Equality has a permanent presence for years.

In parallel, the formation of female workers is encouraged to facilitate their access to jobs with higher technological content or categories where they are underrepresented. Since 2014, SAV have provided the cost for obtaining the C1 driving license, which enables to drive trucks, to female employees every year. In 2017, five workers were beneficiated from this measure.

In terms of conciliation of family and personal life, SAV workers can extend the reduction of working hours by legal care, up to 13 years of the child, also with the extension of the lactation permit and the preference to choose a shift work based on their family responsibilities. In the same way, three afternoons of the week have been released to all office workers.

SAV’s commitment against gender violence led to the creation of a protocol for reporting sexual harassment and gender-based harassment in 2009.

In 2016, collaboration agreements were signed with Spanish Red Cross and CARITAS to hire women victims of gender violence.

In 2017 a collaboration agreement was signed with Spanish Red Cross, to finance the hiring of a psychologist who will develop activities for women victims of gender violence and/or with risk of social exclusion based on the Women Program that Spanish Red Cross develops in Valencia.


Signing of numerous agreements with F.P. Schools. and Municipal Training Centers, for the realization of work and non-work practices by their students. SAV is a member of the EDEM Foundation, a university center dedicated to training business managers and entrepreneurs.


SAV sponsors the Valencian rugby club LES ABELLES, which has its men’s Senior in the first division of Spanish rugby and its women’s Senior in the second division of Spanish rugby. Betting on inclusion, it has an inclusive rugby division among its ranks.


Various film and music festivals distributed throughout the Valencian Community, such as the L’Alfàs del Pi Film Festival, or the Cullera Music Bands, have been sponsored by the Society.


SAV’s involvement in the conservation and promotion of the Valencian architectural and cultural heritage goes back years, highlighting the restoration of the Temple Palace, the restoration of the Red Estate, the sponsorships of the Battle of Flowers, of the Three Kings Parade, the Rock of Corpus Christi, etc.


Sustainability is a constant in our processes, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being.

For more than ten years we have had a certified environmental management system, ISO 9001/2008 and 14001/2004 standards, and we continue to make significant investments aimed at acquiring vehicles with gas or electric propulsion, which will reduce CO2 emissions, reducing to noise pollution at the same time.

SAV, in a voluntary exercise of transparency and environmental assessment, has participated in the EMAS III Community Management and Environmental Audit System since 2011, annually submitting a validated environmental report to the Department of the Environment of the Valencian Community and making it available to the public.


We have collaborated with various NGOs dedicated to the care of groups with difficulties or vulnerable, providing them, to the extent of our possibilities, a job.

The presence of workers with disabilities triples the minimum required by current regulations, in some contracts close to 6% of them.

SAV has participated in various solidarity campaigns promoted by the Casa de la Caridad in Valencia, such as the current campaign “365 days of solidarity meals”.

The promotion of social and labor insertion is performed by SAV participating as a partner of AESOV, association of Valencian solidarity businessmen.