Since our agricultural origins in Valencia’s orchards, for more than 100 years we have known the importance of and recognize the correct management of natural resources. Today we understand that progress is associated with the preservation of the environment, therefore we integrate strategic business plans and policies which are associated with sustainable development.

The protection and conservation of the environment during the fulfillment of our commitments to our customers have been, are and will continue to be the key elements in the development of our daily activity.

The responsibility of monitoring the company’s environmental performance falls upon the Environment Directorate of the organization present in all areas, which devotes all necessary resources to the prevention of contamination and minimizing environmental impacts generated by our activity.

To make our business more transparent, SAV annually performs a European Environmental Medium Statement, which is used as a tool to deploy our policies of transparency, communication and dissemination with administrations, citizens and society in general. It shows our organization’s environmental performance indicators.

Committed to research and innovation, in those technologies that minimise environmental impact during the provision of our services and conscious of our responsibility of preserving the environment, SAV has developed a demanding prevention, quality and environmental policy that governs its daily life:


Contamination prevention.

Ensuring quality service according to contract requirements, in order to meet customer satisfaction needs.

Continuous innovation and constant development of products and solutions.

Acting responsibly in the consumption of natural resources.

To comply with legislation and rules, as well as the requisites SAV subscribes to on the subject of Quality and Environment. To consolidate the culture of continuous progress.

To act with efficiency and transparency in all its activity areas, developing and updating its Environmental Declaration in accordance with the regulation EMAS III.

Provide adequate training.

Implementation of actions and programmes for continuous improvement of quality and environment.

SAV will ensure that this policy is understood, extended, applied and revised to ensure its continued validity, by arranging the technical, financial and organizational means appropriate.