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SAV EMAS - EcoManagement & AuditSchem

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Schem)

In 2011 we decided to expand our commitment to the Environment and aspire to environmental excellence based on the requirements and criteria of EEC Regulation no. 1221/2009 EMAS III. The Organization joined the EMAS Community Environmental Management and Auditing System in 2011, annually presenting an environmental report validated by the Regional Ministry of the Environment of
the Valencian Community.

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) is the Community Environmental Management and Audit System of the EU. It is a voluntary regulation that recognizes those organizations that have assumed the obligation of excellence in environmental behavior, beyond regulations.

The EMAS promotes the continuous improvement of the environmental behavior of organizations through:

  • The implementation of an environmental management system.
  • The systematic, periodic and objective evaluation of the system.
  • The information to the public and interested parties.
  • Tarining and active involvement of the workers.

EMAS provides the organization the ideal framework to improve it’s environmental behavior and provides an aditional guarantee in terms of efficiency and transparency.

The main objectives pursued by EMAS are the reduction of consumption and the right water disposal, reduction of emission gases, increase of energy efficiency, soil protection and the efficient use of resources.

Among the measures taken to improve environmental performance, the different programs put in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions derived from urban collection and transport activities stand out. Thus, during the first four years, more than 400 emissions have been released into the atmosphere. Tons of CO2 / year (3200 trees will be needed to offset emissions).

We have been the first company in the sector in the Valencian Community that has achieved this certificate and from that moment, we have been consolidating and developing our Environmental Management System, overcoming the various monitoring and renewal tests carried out by the certifying entity and validated by the Consellería of Environment of the Valencian Community

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EMAS: Bridge business opportunitiesnand environmental performance

As part of the public information commitment of our Environmental performance, we provide a mailbox for interested parties.