R & D & i

For SAV, innovation is one of the key elements for a long term success, as it foster the development and competitiveness of the organization to achieve more efficient services. For this reason, we count with a specific department to lead innovation processes, Research & Development (R&D), focused in updating and optimizing commercial processes, as well as, improving management systems, to finally achieve continuous and maximum satisfaction from all of our clients. And their needs.

In SAV, the innovation has as an objective to preserve the environment. In this way, the company is highly involved in the circular economy.

Vision and Strategy

R & D & i Mission:

We have and foster an innovation and collaborative model, oriented towards the Circular Economy as its proper engine.

 R & D & i Vision:

Our vision is to be a business benchmark that provides innovative solutions that promote the circular economy and social well-being in our geographical area of ​​action and in all our activities, while improving our competitiveness and efficiency the quality of life of citizens and respecting the natural environment.

R & D & i Strategy:

Our innovation strategy is structured around eight fundamental principles:

  • Promotion of an agile and innovative business culture.
  • Promotion of new business expectations.
  • Development of research and innovation activities in the field of technologies related to water, waste and other SAV activities at a European level, through participation in joint consortiums of other EU companies and organizations.
  • Continuous innovation in processes.
  • Development of R+D+i projects aimed at improving and developing new products/services.
  • Commitment to open innovation, through collaborations that provide complementary capacities to those of the organization itself.
  • Surveillance of the technological environment, promoting the incorporation of new technologies.
  • Stimulation of creative thinking in a diverse and inclusive environment.

This strategy has been defined considering the result of the external and internal analysis carried out and considering the needs and expectations of our concerned parts.