SAV’s Bioprocess Demonstration facility (TRL 6-7) provides a biotechnology lab and a pilot plant with the required equipment (agitation reactors, bioreactor, filtration and centrifugal units, distillation units… ) to develop a whole bioprocess in the CIrcular Economy frame.
SAV’s Research and Development department has a long experience in the treatment of different biomass’ sources ((lignocellulosic material, agro-food residues, bio-waste…) to produce a wide range of bioproducts, such as, bioplastics, unicelular proteins, cosmetic additives or food ingredients, through the development and optimization of chemistry products (pretreatments and hydrolysis) and biological processes (mainly fermentation) in accordance with the pilot plant scale.

We could highlight some of the examples in which we are currently working on and improving day to day. These are the following:

  • Carotenoid production
  • Polyphenols and oils
  • Gelatin obtained from meat and fish residues