Urban Services


Home Collection

This is the collection and transportation of waste from residential properties, offices, commercial and industrial premises

Selective Collection

These services consist of the collection of recyclable materials deposited in the containers provided for such purposes and the transportation to an agent who re-introduces them into the production cycle.

Special Collection

The areas covered in special collection are those designed for more specific cases, such as municipal markets.



The service of sweeping consists of the thorough removal of waste deposited on walkways, squares, roads, pavements and areas of public use, either by manual or mechanical means.

Special Cleaning

In this group the special cleaning services are designed for more specific cases, such as graffiti removal and/or cleaning of plots of land.


Hosing consists of a mechanical spray which flushes and collects litter and dirt in the street or on the pavement by means of high water pressure


Beach Cleaning

Beach cleaning services consist of emptying bins, removal of algae as well as residues deposited on the sand. This is achieved through manual cleaning or by tractors, which have screeners to filter sand.

Adaptation and cleaning of green areas, parks and gardens

This service is responsible for the cleaning of parks and public gardens as well as the emptying of litter bins, removal of undesirable paintwork and/or graffiti within the space.