R&D&i European Projects


The HOOP project supports 8 lighthouse cities and regions in developing large-scale urban circular bioeconomy initiatives that will focus on making bio-based products from urban biowaste and wastewater. The HOOP Urban Circular Bioeconomy Hub will create an online platform to foster knowledge exchange and replication in cities and regions across Europe. HOOP will provide Project Development Assistance (PDA) to Albano-Laziale (Italy), Almere (The Netherlands), Bergen (Norway), Kuopio (Finland), Münster (Germany), Murcia(Spain), Porto (Portugal), and Western Macedonia (Greece).

Total Budget: € 9 032 062.50


The general objective of WaysTUP! is to demonstrate the establishment of new value chains to use urban bio-residuals to produce products of superior value (in other words, bio-based products, including ingredients for food and feed), through multiple interested stakeholders in line with the Circular Economy.

The WaysTUP! Project is coordinated by Sociedad Anónima Agricultores de la Vega (SAV)

Total Budget: € 11 748 616.34


The objective of the RECOVER project is to demonstrate and create new biological systems to try and solve the problem of agri-food plastics residues and thus help to minimize the contamination of agricultural fields with non-biodegradable agroplastics. In addition, sustainable management pathways for the non-recyclable packaging fraction of municipal waste management systems will be provided.

Total Budget: € 4 399 363


The overall objective of the project BioSupPack is to offer packaging solutions based on innovative, cost-effective and versatile PHA.
These will we obtained from renewable raw materials (>85%) or/and second and third use materials, and they will provide high performance packaging for food and beverages, cosmetics and household care products.

The objective of the project is to demonstrate the provision of innovative, cost-effective and versatile bio-based packaging solutions based on PHA. Within this, BioSupPack will follow a series of different environmental and economic objectives.

Total Budget: € 6 403 796.60


The objective of PlastiCircle is to improve the value chain of plastic-packaging residues from a circular economy approach, by reintroducing the plastic packaging in the value chain and, developing and implementing a process to increase recycling rates for packaging residuals in Europe (objective 75% for 2030).

To achieve these objectives, the project adopts an approach based on innovating all the different stages in the life cycle of the plastic containers; Recollection, Transport, Classification, Recycle and Recover.

SAV is one of the leaders of the projects and works mainly on the Recollection and Transporting areas.

Total Budget: € 8 674 540.89